30 Days can change your life.

Want to feel healthier, more aware and start living life with a more positive mind?

In 30 Days to Inner Peace, you will learn the secrets behind mental, physical and emotional wellness with our easy-to-read lessons.

Whether it's lack of motivation, unhealthy eating habits, or trouble connecting with those around you,it is possible to change all of that.

30 Days to Inner Peace is all about reinventing your life, and choosing the way you want to live.

Over 100 pages for insight & self discovery


My 30 Days to Inner Peace challenge pack comes with not only the 30 day eBook, but a printable calendar and challenge workbook to keep you motivated and reach your goals.



Easy to read design, fun colors to break up the weeks, and quotes from authors & health experts will keep you motivated and looking forward to each day.



Printable calendar to keep track of your daily progress, and help you stay motivated.

mobile devices


Take the eBook with you! You can read 30 Days to Inner Peace on your phone or tablet, making it easy to travel with or read on your down time at work.



This eBook is designed to be done in 30 days, but there is no pressure to do them back to back. With this course you can go at whatever pace suits you.

Pen and paper


We include a printable workbook with all the daily challenge pages, to make it easy for you to keep track of your progress.


Customer Support

Need help, or have questions? I am just an email away, and ready to assist with whatever questions you may have.

30 Days to Inner Peace is truly helpful refreshing guidance. It’s like working with your own personal life coach, but with the freedom of working through it on a personal level and at your own pace... Every piece is relevant to living intentionally and manifesting your best life. 

Nikki Matheny - Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast

A perfect addition to your self care routine

This eBook is the perfect addition to any self care routine, and working it into your day will help melt away stress. Had a hard day at work or school? Grab your favorite hot drink and a comfy blanket, and read through your daily lesson. This will be something fun to look forward to on a daily basis!

A Word From The Author

Being a young wife, stay at home mama, and full time blogger, I know that there can be challenging days.

Writing this eBook has helped me in my own life, and helped me to slow down and refocus on what really matters.

I hope that this 30 day challenge can put you on the path to a happier, healthier life.

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