3 Week Hormone Reset

An easy solution for women wanting to reset their hormones, and start balancing them naturally.

I struggled for years...

Yeah, this picture of me is nice. But I was covering up a ton of painful hormonal acne with heavy foundation.
I was putting myself through college, working full time and living off caffeine and protein bars. My periods were debilitating, but I just thought that was normal.

One night, I had an emotional breakdown, and I had NO IDEA why, or what set it off. This was also becoming my "normal".

Something had to change.

I figure out that my hormones were very out of shape (I should have known since it runs in my family), and started the work to get them balanced.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Acne that just won't go away

Feeling fatigued and sluggish all the time

Painful/Debilitating periods that are never on time or consistent

Moodiness, anxiety or depression keep you from feeling excited about life

Emma L. Struggled with depressed mood, anxiety and lack of energy.

For years, I’ve struggled with the negative effects of hormone imbalance including: acne, PMDD, lack of sleep, and terrible mood swings.

Between the diet changes and increased exercise, I feel stronger, happier, and plan to continue these lifestyle improvements past the designated three weeks."

Emma L. - Night shift Nurse

3 Week Hormone Reset

Reset your hormones, and get started balancing your hormones in a safe, natural way!


Let's take a look inside...

Detox your body, and balance your hormones the natural way.

This step-by-step guide teaches you everything you need to know about your hormones, what causes imbalances, and the steps you can take to reset your hormones naturally.

Value of $100

With this eBook you will learn:

  • How to get started balancing your hormones
  • What hormones are, and what they do
  • How to know your symptoms
  • The Importance of diet
  • How stress effects your hormones

and much more!

You will also get a daily schedule that lays out exactly how to do the program, and what to expect afterwards.

Some of the Benefits seen from 3 Week Hormone Reset:

  • Decreased Acne
  • Decreased Stress
  • Lighter periods
  • Weight loss
  • Happier outlook on life

Plus, don't miss out on these FREE bonuses!

Easy, Hormone Friendly Foods

Food should taste good.

Nutrition should be fun and easy! I have compiled a cook book packed with hormone balancing, delicious meals and snacks you can make with very few ingredients.

Value of $35 - Yours for FREE

Herbal Supplements that really work

Supplements can be confusing.

I break down the supplements that I know work for female hormone balance, and take out the guess work.

Value of $20 - Yours for FREE

Learn to relax with our Stress Buster activity guide

This guide shows you easy steps to reducing stress, through relaxing techniques and activities.

Value of $20 - Yours for FREE

Doctor visits and hormone therapy can be expensive... but these natural solutions will make you feel better WITHOUT breaking your bank account.

The 3 Week Hormone Reset challenge pack has a value of $175.00! But you can get all this today for only $34.99

I want to start resetting my hormones!

Kaylee B. felt fatigued and irritated during her cycle, and was frustrated with her inconsistent periods.

"I am always fatigued during my period and get very irritated.

When I got started with this book, I began eating vegan, non-dairy products... there were a lot's of suggestions for what kinds of foods I could have so I didn't feel deprived.

I would recommend this book to other women struggling with their mental health especially during their periods, because like Leah said, we shouldn't have to be miserable during that week. I couldn't agree more!"

Kaylee B. - Beta Test Group Participant

Meet the Expert behind 3 Week Hormone Reset

“My family has a terrible history of Hormone Imbalances. When I realized that I had one, I knew I had to fix it... and fast!

Before I balanced my hormones, I had painful, irregular periods, stubborn acne that wouldn't subside, and would get emotional about every little thing.

I started doing my own research into natural hormone balance, starting with supplements, and what I could change in my diet... I didn't realize that so much in our lives can effect our hormones.

Once I started implementing these things in my own life, my acne cleared up almost completely, I stopped having mood swings, and I my period started regulating like clockwork.

Fixing my hormones changed my life.

Here are the things I did to reset my hormones, and start feeling like myself again."

-Leah Harris author of 3 Week Hormone Reset

Feel better or your money back!

I am confident that 3 Week Hormone Reset is going to help you feel better, clear up hormonal acne, and relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Get results, or you don't pay a thing.

If you finish all three weeks of the challenge and don't feel like it helped you in any way, you can ask for a refund by sending me an email at anaturalendeavor4@gmail.com.

All I ask for is proof that you gave this your ALL via images of your face on day one and day 21 (for acne results) and pictures of approved meals that you tried from the Happy Hormones Nutrition Guide.

All refunds are subject to the refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Natural Hormone Balance is one step away.

You can start making steps to resetting your hormones, and finally getting them balanced right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for? This program is for women age 20-45 (not using hormonal birth control), who are experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms.
  • Who is this program not for? This program is not intended for teenagers, children, women who are breastfeeding, pregnant or may be pregnant, or men.
  • Will this program work for me? If you are diligent with this course and do everything exactly as it is explained, you will have some level of success. If you are on hormonal birth control, this program may not be right for you, though we have had great results even from women taking it.
  • Is my credit card secure? Yes, your credit card information is secure and will only be used to process your transaction.
  • Is there a refund policy? Yes. There is a refund policy listed on anaturalendeavor.com in our policy section. If you have completed all three weeks of the program and see no improvement whatsoever, you can request a refund.
  • Is this a one time fee? Are there hidden fees? No hidden fees! This is a one time transaction, and you will only be charged once. You can feel free to do multiple rounds of this course, and you'll never have to pay for it again!